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Ischial or ischiogluteal bursitis is a diagnosis referring to inflammation of the small flat, fluid-filled cushion called the ischiogluteal bursa that sits over the hamstring tendons at the sitting bone.  The hamstring muscles (semimembranosis, semitendinosis and biceps femoris muscles) in the back of the thigh help to extend the hip (take the thigh backwards), but […]

Coccydynia (pronounced cox-y-dynia) simply means painful coccyx, which is the small bone at the tip of the tailbone

Pain is an experience that the brain creates for the purposes of stimulating you to change your behaviour or seek help for a perceived problem with your body. Signals from danger sensors in the body travel through the nervous system to the brain. Here the information is processed and the brain sometimes (but not always) produces a pain experience.   

Professional Sign up tutorial Thank-you for registering for the Hip Pain Professional directory and becoming part of our global community. It’s time to get your listing up online.  The information on this page will let you know what you’ll need at your fingertips to complete your listing.. We recommend allowing yourself up to 30 minutes […]