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A boutique sports injury clinic set in Boroondara tennis centre providing carefully tailored assessment, treatment, and management of a wide variety of conditions including hip, shoulder and knee injuries. Client care is always foremost in our minds.

Staff Profiles

  • "Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist"

    Anne-Marie has always held a special interest in hip conditions. She has completed many professional development courses in the field of hip and lumbo-pelvic disorders; including courses with Alison Grimaldi, Kirsty Mc Nab Andrew Wallis and Barbara Hungerford. Her history of working with elite sports people in Tennis, Jockeys and Track Cyclists ensures she aims to achieve excellent results with clear communication to her clients.

    University Qualifications:
    BSc Physio (hons) University College Dublin Masters Sports Physiotherapy, LaTrobe University
    Years of Clinical Practice:
    Attendance at a course conducted by Dr Alison Grimaldi:
    Online and practical



    Dry Needling

    Exercise Using Pilates Equipment

    Functional Movement Assessment

    Gait Analysis

    Hands on Techniques


    Mindfulness Therapy Principles


    Pain Neuroscience Education

    Rehabilitation Programs

    Sports Specific


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  • Hands on Treatment
  • Pilates – Matwork
  • Pilates – Pilates Equipment
  • Rehabilitation Programs
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