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Please read Sharon’s biography under “Staff Profiles” for a full list of her services and experience.

Additionally, Sharon is the Chairperson and Clinical Leader of the Physiotherapy Primary Intervention Group (PPIG). For several years PPIG, a collaboration of seven physiotherapists from across the South Canterbury district, has run the community exercise and education programme for lower limb arthritis, under contracts for the South Canterbury District Health Board and for the Ministry of Health. They have consistently achieved very strong results for all stakeholders, using the work of Dr Alison Grimaldi as the foundations to the programme’s assessment and treatment principles.

All of the seven physiotherapists in the Group are highly skilled and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of many hip and knee conditions.

If treatment in Timaru is not convenient, please contact Sharon to discuss telehealth consultations or she can direct you to the care of a PPIG colleague nearest to you.

You can download the useful PPIG advice sheets on the management of lower limb arthritis from the following website:

Click on "A"-Arthritis-Arthritis (osteoarthritis)-Physiotherapy Primary Intervention Group.

Staff Profiles

  • "Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist"

    Throughout her career, Sharon has had a passion for orthopaedics and hip disorders in particular.
    In 2007 she initiated the setting up and running of the Orthopaedic Joint Assessment Clinics in the Orthopaedic Department of Timaru Public Hospital, as first specialist appointment, for assessing, treating and prioritising the conservative and surgical management of lower limb arthritis.
    In 2012 the National Health Board and the Ministry of Health produced publications (“Improving the System: Meeting the Challenge”) that advocated the national establishing of these clinics and Sharon was named as one of three national contacts for advice. Consequently, she has advised several physiotherapists across the country in support of the successful establishment of parallel clinics.
    The experience gained from assisting others to initiate these services in their own DHBs made Sharon realise that earlier interventions were required to manage arthritis in the primary sector, before referral for a joint replacement was necessary. In 2011, a group of South Canterbury, publicly and privately employed physiotherapists collaborated to set up a community project to assess and manage patients with early to moderate stage lower limb arthritis. Sharon was elected Chairperson and Clinical Leader for this group; the Physiotherapy Primary Intervention Group (PPIG). For several years PPIG has run the programme under contracts for the South Canterbury District Health Board and for the Ministry of Health, consistently achieving very strong results for all stakeholders.
    Sharon has attended both the pelvic instability and the tendonopathies courses run by Dr Alison Grimaldi. The lessons learnt from these courses have formed the fundamental principles of management; assessment and treatment of patients with hip pain in her practice.
    Sharon also has a special interest in connective tissue disorders and hypermobility. Lower limb pain and dysfunction is a common problem for those suffering from over mobile joints and the management of this often requires particular attention. Sharon was one of the national physiotherapy advisors for the Hypermobility Syndrome Association in the UK and is now a professional member of the Ehlers Danlos Society New Zealand.
    In pursuance of the holistic management of complex orthopaedic conditions, Sharon expanded her skills by training in viscerofascial manipulation. This treatment is focused on the releasing of scar tissue. Scarring can be the cause of some pelvic pain and restricted movement.
    Considering all of these possible causes of pelvic and hip pain, enables Sharon to assess and manage complex hip pain holistically.

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