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Our Pain to Performance Model allows you to eliminate pain, correct the factors that caused it and deliver you to a place that enables you to perform better than before. It’s what we deliver, everyday. If you want a solution that will allow you to achieve more, then you are in the right place. SquareOne Physiotherapists are experts in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and sports related injuries.

Staff Profiles

  • "Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist"

    I am passionate about helping my clients to become the best version of themselves and playing a role in their journey towards their goals.
    Since completing my Master course in 2017, I developed an interest for treating gluteal tendinopathies, attending to Alison Grimaldi’s hip courses and taking one of the placements with a senior hip physiotherapist in Melbourne. Since then, I have enjoyed rehabilitating gluteal tendinopathies in men and women from Mosman.

    University Qualifications:
    Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy - La Trobe University Bachelor of Physiotherapy - University of Talca, Chile Certified APPI Equipment and Matwork Pilates Instructor - Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI)
    Years of Clinical Practice:
    Attendance at a course conducted by Dr Alison Grimaldi:
    Online and practical



    Dry Needling

    Group Class Instructor

    Hands on Techniques


    Real Time Ultrasound for Muscle Retraining

    Rehabilitation Programs

Phone :
02 9968 3424
Business Services :
  • Exercise Classes
  • Gym/gymnasium
  • Hands on Treatment
  • Pilates – Matwork
  • Pilates – Pilates Equipment
  • Real Time Ultrasound for Muscle Retraining
  • Rehabilitation Programs
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