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In 2008, I passed my Fellowship exams, in the area of Sports Physiotherapy, with a recognised sub-specialty of the Hip. Leading into this time, and since, I have followed closely the key areas of exercise, surgery and everything in between, and how this knowledge translates into high value care for patients suffering from pain in the area of the hip. The focus of clinical contact, should you come to see me, will be to collaborate with you to set or confirm a working diagnosis, determine a recovery plan and work with you to engage the right people to help you work through it. I can provide primary opinion, an independent second opinion or work in with your current care providers to review your current state in the conditions of failure to progress to your desired outcome. I also have experience with more severe cases who have failed to get better with surgery or in the undesired case, are worse off after it. I provide an opinion as to whether you are a candidate for hip surgery, have you exhausted all of your options and if you were to consider surgery, start the process of educating you about which surgery and why. Your hip injury or hip pain experience can be influenced by many factors. Identification of all of your factors can often expand the target areas for recovery and increase your fullness of recovery. The longer you have had hip pain, the more likely your body has adapted around the pain. Attention to re-stimulating areas of your body that have not moved as much, remote from the hip joint itself, can often integrate the hip back into a more dynamic whole body. This is another way of searching for recovery options in the presence of long term hip pain. I'm interested in you getting your "MOJO" back. Education is key to your ability to progress your own recovery. We will work equally, as a team, to plan and execute your hip pain recovery plan.

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