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Trina Lat è un fisioterapista sportivo esperto, che ha una vasta conoscenza delle condizioni dell'anca e del bacino e offre un trattamento di alta qualità con l'obiettivo di tornare alla normale funzione e, per gli atleti, tornare allo sport.

Trina utilizza gli ultrasuoni in tempo reale oppure ecografia a scopo riabilitativo per la valutazione e l'allenamento dei muscoli profondi intorno all'anca e al bacino ed è in grado di prescrivere programmi di rafforzamento specifici per un individuo.

Trina offre anche consulenze teleriabilitazione /E-Health o Skype per i clienti che non sono in grado di venire in studio o hanno sede all'estero e che hanno problemi dell' anca e pelvici di vecchia data.


Trina Lat is an experienced sports physiotherapist, who has vast knowledge of hip and pelvic conditions and offers high quality treatment with the objective of returning to normal function, and for athletes, returning to sport. 

Trina uses real-time ultrasound for assessment and re-training of deep muscles around the hip and pelvis and is able to prescribe strengthening programs specific to an individual. 

Trina also offers telerehabilitation/E-health or Skype consultations for clients who are not able to come to the studio or are based overseas and who have long-standing hip and pelvic problems. 


Staff Profiles

  • "Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist"

    Trina is a registered  Australian Sports Physiotherapist and Italian physiotherapist  who is based in Genova, Italy. She finished her undergraduate degree at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines in 2002 and completed her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in Australia in 2005. In the Philippines before moving to Australia, she has worked at the Ateneo University’s sports center as a physiotherapist for athletes in the clinic and also providing on-field assessment and treatment of athletes in various sports such as basketball, volleyball, track and field and football. After completing her degree in Masters of sports physiotherapy, she worked at Physiotec in Brisbane with Dr. Alison Grimaldi in 2009 and worked in private practice setting for 7 years before moving to Italy. She is continuing to offer Skype consultations through Physiotec.

    Trina has a special interest in hip and pelvic conditions such as lateral hip pain and groin pain and and works with athletes in various sports such as running, ultimate frisbee, climbing, football. Her treatment approach multi-disciplinary and evidence-based and can easily liase with other health and medical professionals.

    She works in a private studio in the city centre of Genova and offers muscle re-training using real time ultrasound and exercise classes that are Pilates based, focusing on improving hip and leg control and progressions to strength and conditioning. Services also include sport specific training and rehabilitation and manual therapy. 

    While over here in Italy, She has had the chance to work with some Australian teams while they are here in Europe training and competing and liase with their local physiotherapists back in Australia. Not only is she involved with Australian sports, she also works with the Group of Italian Sports Physical Therapists. She is always up to date with the latest research and participates in continuing education.

    She speaks Italian, English and Tagalog.

    During her free time, she trains with the Ultimate Frisbee team of Genova and is their team physiotherapist as well. They play in Serie C  in the Italian Championships and proud to represent the city. When she is not running after a disc, she does sport-climbing.

    University Qualifications:
    Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy 2002 Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy 2005 Diploma in Remedial Massage 2006
    Years of Clinical Practice:
    Attendance at a course conducted by Dr Alison Grimaldi:
    Online and practical



    Exercise Using Pilates Equipment

    Functional Movement Assessment

    Gait Analysis

    Group Class Instructor



    Pelvic Floor/Bladder Control

    Real Time Ultrasound for Muscle Retraining

    Rehabilitation Programs

    Running Assessment

    Sports Specific


Phone :
+39 3406959387
Business Services :
  • E-health (Skype or other online consultations)
  • Hands on Treatment
  • Pilates – Matwork
  • Pilates – Pilates Equipment
  • Real Time Ultrasound for Muscle Retraining
  • Rehabilitation Programs
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