Professional Sign up tutorial

Thank-you for registering for the Hip Pain Professional directory and becoming part of our global community. It’s time to get your listing up online.  The information on this page will let you know what you’ll need at your fingertips to complete your listing..

We recommend allowing yourself up to 30 minutes to complete your listing.

Hip Pain Help SIgn up process

You will need:

  • A photo for your directory listing

A landscape image (png/jpeg) with ideal size of 620W*400H (max 5MB) will be required for your listing thumbnail.  This thumbnail will represent your business when displayed in search results. Extra practice images can also be added but it is best to do this during the review & editing phase once your listing has been approved.

  • A short business write up (100-250 words is fine but there is space for more)

This area is to promote your business and you can select a number of business features from the dropdown menu. If you are listing under your name, rather than as a business, use this area to promote the services you provide within the business you work within. Keep in mind features that might be particularly relevant for those with hip, pelvic and groin pain. There is another section coming up in which you will add your professional profile, so make this write up distinct from your bio.

  • Business location and contact details
  • Video & Social Media Links (Optional) – please include full URL (not just username) & remember these will be available to the general public.

Please note:  it is best to fill in as much detail as possible on this form before moving on, as once you submit this page, you will need to wait until your listing is approved (Step 3) before being allowed to edit.


You will need:

  • A head shot of yourself or your nominated HPP (for their profile pic) 
  • Their degree details (include undergraduate & postgraduate)
  • Number of years of clinical practice
  • A short bio – including hip/pelvic pain specific skills or training
  • Special interests (chose from dropdown list)

 For your listing to be approved, you must complete both STEP 1 & STEP 2.




If you have not done step 2 you can login now and complete this step.

We will endeavour to approve your listing within 24 hours if both steps one and two have been completed.  You will receive an email once your listing is live.


After you have received the email with a link to your live listing we recommend reviewing your listing including;

  • Are there any spelling and grammatical errors?
  • Could formatting the text make your listing easier to read?
  • Do you want make any additions to the business features and special interests options?
  • Do your website, social media and email links work?
  • Do you have a thumbnail at all? If you do, is it the best image to promote your listing?


To view your thumbnail do a search for your city here.

You should appear in the list of professionals in your area.


This example compares how two listings in the same location appear in the city search.

The listing with the image definitely stands out more.


Thank-you for your time.

If you are having issues we are very happy to help.

Just email Alison or Kirsty at info@hippainhelp.com


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