Coccydynia (pronounced cox-y-dynia) simply means painful coccyx, which is the small bone at the tip of the tailbone.

The coccyx is a small triangular shaped bone, at the very base of the spine, made up of 3-5 fused segments. Many people would also know this structure as their "tailbone".

Many ligaments attach to the coccyx helping to provide stability and support for the pelvis, its muscles and contents.

A sudden onset of coccyx pain is usually associated with trauma, externally such as from a fall backwards onto the bone, or internally such as in childbirth. Onset can also be gradual, commonly related to sustained pressure from sitting or local muscle forces.

There are several factors that are correlated with coccydynia which are worth familiarising yourself with and you can read more in our Saddle Region page, under the Joint Related Pain tab.

There is also a extensive amount that your Hip Pain Professional can help you with - more details of this are also in the same section of the Saddle Region page. This goes from advice and education on different ways of manning your pain, teaching you self relief strategies and techniques, as well as your professional using hands on treatment and exercises to help improve your symptoms.

Special pressure relieving cushions can also be extremely useful for reducing pain when sitting.  Again discuss this with your Hip Pain Professional who can help you more on what product may be best for you. Alternatively have a read of our blog "Top Tips for Hip Pain Relief in Sitting, when Socialising or Travelling".  This details more about pressure relieving cushions as well as a few other useful strategies that may help reduce pain associated with sitting.

Alternatively, click here to buy a coccyx cushion now. Follow the link and click on the 'cushions' section.


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