Self Help Strategies for Hip Pain

FREE self-help strategies for hip pain, groin, pelvic and buttock pain 

We’ve gathered together a wealth of self help strategies for hip pain from a wide range of topics that we have covered in our blogs. Hip Pain Help and our Hip Pain Professionals understand the challenges people with hip pain face. We are experienced health professionals who help those with hip pain in our clinics every day. We’ve written information for you that has been helpful for our patients suffering with hip pain, so we hope it helps you too!

As you browse through the self hip strategies for hip pain articles below, you will find information on:

  • how standing posture effects hip pain and how to modify your posture for pain relief
  • tips on dealing with hip, pelvic and coccyx pain in sitting, including best cushions for different conditions
  • how you can modify walking and running technique to reduce hip pain
  • how you can modify common gym exercises to avoid aggravation of your hip pain
  • stretching for hip, groin and buttock pain – is it such a good idea?
  • dealing with hip pain that stops you sleeping
  • addressing dietary factors that might influence your tendon pain
  • managing pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain
  • knowing when to keep exercising with hip pain and when to rest

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