Self Help Strategies for Hip Pain

FREE self-help strategies for hip pain, groin, pelvic and buttock pain 

We’ve gathered together a wealth of self help strategies for hip pain from a wide range of topics that we have covered in our blogs. Hip Pain Help and our Hip Pain Professionals understand the challenges people with hip pain face. We are experienced health professionals who help those with hip pain in our clinics every day. We’ve written information for you that has been helpful for our patients suffering with hip pain, so we hope it helps you too!

As you browse through the self hip strategies for hip pain articles below, you will find information on:

  • how standing posture effects hip pain and how to modify your posture for pain relief
  • tips on dealing with hip, pelvic and coccyx pain in sitting, including best cushions for different conditions
  • how you can modify walking and running technique to reduce hip pain
  • how you can modify common gym exercises to avoid aggravation of your hip pain
  • stretching for hip, groin and buttock pain – is it such a good idea?
  • dealing with hip pain that stops you sleeping
  • addressing dietary factors that might influence your tendon pain
  • managing pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain
  • knowing when to keep exercising with hip pain and when to rest

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Treatment options for hip osteoarthritis
Treatment for Hip Osteoarthritis (OA)? Getting Help – What Are The Options?

What options for treatment for hip osteoarthritis are available out there, and what does the current research evidence demonstrate about these options

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Hip replacement surgery: The best materials and procedures
Hip replacement surgery: best materials and procedures

Do you experience sudden sharp hip pain that comes and goes? It might be related to particular movements or even occur when you are just sitting still!

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Best exercises for Hip Osteoarthritis
Best Exercises For Hip Osteoarthritis

What are the best exercises for hip osteoarthritis: information packed blog – learn about stretching, strengthening, cardio, hydro/water, pain levels and how much

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How to use a walking stick, and why you should use a walking stick
How to Use a Walking Stick & Why

Learn key points on how and why to use a walking stick (or walking aid)

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3 Simple Strategies to reduce hip pain with walking and running
3 Simple Strategies to Reduce Hip Pain with Walking and Running

In today’s blog we are going to share 3 simple strategies to reduce pain when running or walking that we find helpful for people with many different hip conditions

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Walking Poles for Pain Relief: Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking

You can effectively use nordic Walking Poles for pain relief for you back, knee and hip. We discuss the many benefits of Nordic Pole Walking.

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Welcome to Hip Pain Help

Hip Pain Help is a one stop shop for those suffering with hip pain.  Learn what might be causing your issues, how you might be able to best mange what is happening, and who best to contact if you need further help.

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How can a Health Professional Help?
How Will A Health Professional Help Me?

This week we look at how a Hip Pain Professional can help you, and inform you about important considerations with your treatment options.

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How To Find The Right Hip Pain Professional?
How Do I Find The Right Hip Pain Professional?

Hip Pain Help is an easy to use platform where you can search the Hip Pain Professionals near you.  Easily find out what type of professional they are, what their experience is, what they offer, and if they are the right fit for what you are looking for

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Treatment Options: Understanding What They Are.

Our Hip Pain Professional community, is made up of different professionals who offer treatment options specific to their profession. Knowing what to do, where to start and which treatment avenue to begin with is extremely difficult.

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Understanding Pain: What is Pain?

Pain is an experience that the brain creates for the purposes of stimulating you to change your behaviour or seek help for a perceived problem with your body. Signals from danger sensors in the body travel through the nervous system to the brain. Here the information is processed and the brain sometimes (but not always) produces a pain experience.   

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Understanding the Hip Joint Anatomy and Hip Joint Related Pain

This week we examine how pain might occur in the hip joint and what the general structures are around the hip and pelvis that may be involved in pain.

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what to do when experiencing hip pain
I have hip pain – What is the best activity for hip pain or is rest best?

In this blog we will discuss how much you are doing of something and is that too much or too little!

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best posture for hip pain relief
What is the Best Good Posture for Hip Pain Relief

Is there any one good posture that could best help with hip pain relief is not such an easy question to answer!

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Top Tips for Hip Pain Relief when Sitting, Socialising or Travelling
Top Tips for Hip Pain Relief Sitting, when Socialising or Travelling

Here, we discuss some simple strategies to reduce hip pain sitting, when socialising and travelling.

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symptoms of hip osteoarthritis
Hip Osteoarthritis (Hip OA), Cartilage Damage and the Ageing Hip: What is Hip OA, What are the Possible Causes and Symptoms

In this blog we will discuss what is hip osteoarthritis (hip OA), what are the usual symptoms and causes.

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soft tissue pain muscle tendon fascia bursa
Soft Tissues & Soft Tissue Related Pain of the Hip and Pelvis (Muscle, Tendon, Bursa, Fascia)

What options for treatment for hip osteoarthritis are available out there, and what does the current research evidence demonstrate about these options

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hip hanging how not to stand for hip pain relief. sciatica, ischiofemoral impingement, sciatica, gluteal tendinopathy, trochanteric bursitis
Are You A Hip-Hanger? Ideas on How Not to Stand for Hip Pain Relief

Prolonged hip-hanging may contribute to certain types of hip pain – learn why. There may be better ways to stand for hip pain relief.

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Best Treatment for Gluteal Tendinopathy +/- Trochanteric Bursitis?

The most common treatments for this condition are cortisone injection and physiotherapy (physical therapy). Simple advice around controlling tendon irritation associated with activity can help. Learn more.

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lordotic posture: what why and exercise for lordosis
Causes, Affects & Exercises for Lordosis to Reduce Hip and Back Pain

Understand what is lordotic posture, how can this be involved with hip and back pain, and what exercise for lordosis can you do.

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