Self Help Courses for Hip Pain

Have you been finding it hard to get the help you need with your hip pain?

Let us help you understand your condition, learn how to reduce pain during everyday life and activity, and start an exercise program that has been tailored to a specific hip condition – through our self help course for hip pain. Get clear guidelines about how you can progress at your own pace. Take control today!

Self Help Courses - self help for hip pain

Recovering from Piriformis Syndrome, Deep Gluteal Syndrome or Hip Related Sciatica

Take control of your hip pain with evidence-informed self management advice and exercises for different hip conditions. Take our first self help course for hip pain now – Piriformis Syndrome, Deep Gluteal Syndrome and hip-related sciatica. Part 1 FREE.

More self help hip courses to come

More self help courses to come! Keep an eye out for updates and check in regularly, or signup to our Hip Pain Help mailing list to be the first to know when the new courses drop! Plus gain additional benefits such as regular hip tips and exclusive updates.

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