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Membership Options to Become a Hip Pain Professional
Directory Listing
AU$ 60 /Year
Business listing for your practice location
Image and/or Video of your practice
Website URL, email and social media links
One Hip Pain Professional Profile
Automatic Renewal
Use of Hip Pain Help logo on your website
Full Membership
AU$ 99 /Year
Business listing for your practice location
Image and/or Video of your practice
Website URL, email and social media links
One Hip Pain Professional Profile
Members Only Facebook Discussion Community
Patient Information Resources
Discounts and special offers from Dralisongrimaldi.com
Use of Hip Pain Help logo on your website
Automatic Renewal
Community & Resources
AU$ 60 /Year
Members Only Facebook Discussion Community
Patient Information Resources
Discounts and special offers from Dralisongrimaldi.com
Automatic Renewal
Use of Hip Pain Help logo on your website
Patients Infomation Resouces for Hip Conditions
Receive high quality, specific conditions, general patient education handouts to use with your clients.
Professional Support & Networking Hip Pain Professionals
Professional Support & Networking
Case Studies, Journal Club & Discussion of Topical Issues.
Receive discounts to online courses provided by Dr Alison Grimaldi
Receive discounts to online courses provided by Dr Alison Grimaldi, leader in Hip Pain Research.
Generate new physiotherapy referrals
Be seen and generate new referrals.
Public searches driven by high quality social media & blog.
Improve your visibility in a crowded world. 
Grow your physiotherapy business
Detail your business features – including Telehealth.
Dynamic description of your Hip Pain Professional.
Grow your business.


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Stand out from the pack.
List your business on our highly ranked authority site (with over 100,000 hits/month)
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Patient engagement driven by high quality, evidence-informed social media posts.



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    Dr Alison Grimaldi recommends you join Hip Pain Professionals

    The management of musculoskeletal pain and injury is rapidly advancing. Only healthcare professionals who are actively engaged in ongoing learning and strong links with professional communities will provide optimal, evidence-informed care.

    Dr. Alison Grimaldi
    Founder of Hip Pain Help

    Everyone seeking healthcare assistance, should not be seen as a medical condition but treated with dignity and respect and involved in all decisions regarding their care.

    Dr. Alison Grimaldi
    Founder of Hip Pain Help

    Every day I hear heartbreaking personal stories about avoidable ‘wrong turns’ in the management of people’s pain that affect their health, quality of life and finances. If only these people had found a knowledgeable health professional to provide them with helpful advice earlier in their journey.

    Dr. Alison Grimaldi
    Founder of Hip Pain Help

    FAQ for Professionals


    I want to improve my expertise with hip, groin and pelvis problems. What would you recommend?

    HPP offers a great way to improve your expertise through a multitude of ways.

    A good place to start is working your way through the content of the site.  We would expect that all our listed Hip Pain Professionals have knowledge that includes all the relevant information from this website.  Starting at Hip Pain Explained is a good idea as it reviews in depth hip/pelvis anatomy and details what can wrong with various body sub-systems (joint, soft tissue, bone, back referral, peripheral nerve and other).

    Follow our Hip Pain Blog that is directed to the general population.  Reading how we explain complex topics to the non-professional will aid your delivery of clinical education to your clients.

    We would also encourage you learn from Dr Alison Grimaldi who is a Hip Pain Help founder and a highly respected clinical educator and physiotherapist.  On her website you will find a wealth of free learning as well as online courses and books.  Follow her twitter to learn if she is traveling to a city near you for the chance to learn from her in person.

    When you become a member you receive 10% off Dr Grimalid’s online courses and access to a private facebook group where you we will discuss topics and issues often faced in clinical practice.  You also receive six high quality handouts on common conditions ready to use/print for your own clients.

    What are the guidelines for the directory?

    We define a Hip Pain Professional as a scientifically trained, university qualified healthcare professional. You are required to have completed a degree at a university in your health profession. You must also be legally registered in your country to practice in the profession you are listing in the HPP directory and provide proof of current professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover.

    The occupations of our professionals include: —

    – Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist,

    – Medical Doctor including – Primary Care/General Practitioner, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Physician, Rheumatologist, etc

    – Osteopath

    – Chiropractor

    – Exercise Scientist or Exercise Physiologist

    – Podiatrist

    – other including Occupational Therapist/Psychologist/Dietician.

    We do not accept other health vocations or alternate medicine practitioners.

    Although there is no minimum hip training requirement for membership we do expect all our registered members to familiarize themselves with the content of the website and to strive to learn more about the hip and evidence-lead care. We want to help you on your journey to become high quality practitioners.

    We do randomly audit our professionals to ensure compliance with practicing requirements and for compliance with our Terms & Conditions. If any information is found to be incorrect at any time, HPP reserves the right to remove your listing immediately with no refund of monies paid.

    An audit would entail that the individual professional listed on HPP would need to provide copies of: Photo ID, University Degree, current professional registration document and proof of currency of professional indemnity and pubic liability insurance cover within 20 days of being contact by email or their listing would be removed until this proof is provided.

    What exactly do I get for my membership fee?

    Your membership includes:

    Your listing:

    One practice location (business listing) including contact details, description, features, images, video, url and social media links and one Hip Pain Professional profile (of an individual at this location) including profile photo, bio, qualifications, clinical experience and special interests.

    If you are a sole practitioner you still fill out both sections – both listings include slightly different information allowing you to give a more detailed summation of facilities available at your place of work and your own professional skills and services.

    This high quality listing helps put you in touch with your local community, allowing you to be more easily and regularly discovered. Plus there is potential to improve your webpage ranking through increased external linkages and higher website hit rates.

    Facebook Closed Discussion Group

    You will receive membership to our private discussion group for all our listed Hip Pain Professionals. This will be a unique place linking you to a worldwide inter-disciplinary community to discuss all of your hip questions, ideas, interventions, exercises and research. Improve your skills, outcomes and enjoyment. It will be also become a place to make connections with professionals close so you can set up a referral network.

    Hip Pain Professionals Logo

    Hip Pain Professionals are provided exclusive access to the Hip Pain Professionals logo for use on websites or marketing materials, during the period of membership. Let your patients know you are a Hip Pain Professional.

    Free Patient Information Resources

    Receive six free, high quality, evidence-based patient education handouts to use with your clients. These are full of useful information on specific conditions, to improve your patients’ understanding about what their condition is, what the causes are and their treatment options.

    • Trochanteric Bursitis, Gluteal Tendinopathy or Tendinitis and Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS)

    • Acetabular Dysplasia, Clicky Hips, Hypermobility and Hip Dislocation

    • Osteoarthritis, Cartilage Damage and the Ageing Hip

    • Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) and Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome (FAIS)

    • Sciatica – Hip causes including Piriformis Syndrome and Deep Gluteal Syndrome

    • Growing Pains around the Hip & Pelvis

    This resource list will grow over time so feel free to let us know what you would like us to work on next.

    Extend your Knowledge with Dr Alison Grimaldi, Physiotherapist, Researcher & Educator

    As an HPP, you also receive a special introductory discount for Dr Alison Grimaldi’s online learning courses.

    The current introductory offer is 10% off online courses and is only valid for your next purchase, so if you would like to complete more than one course, purchasing them together will ensure maximum savings. These courses are a great way to update and extend your knowledge and are packed full of clinical applications of the evidence base and pearls of clinical wisdom developed over almost 30 years of clinical practice.

    Can I sign up without joining the directory?

    For free, you are able sign up to our newsletter (and indicate you are a professional), read our blogs and engage with our social media to learn more about us.

    If you would like assess to our other membership features but do not want a public listing please email us via info@hippainhelp.com

    I would like to sign up as an individual - can I do this?

    Yes you can. You just purchase a base membership subscription here.  There are a couple then of different ways you can set up your listing.

    1. If you are an individual working as a sole practitioner you can list your business and then add yourself as the individual staff listing.  This gives you lots of opportunity to describe both your business and yourself
    2. If you are an individual working for someone else: you can either list the business you work for (which is the searchable entity on the directory) with yourself as the listed staff member who is the hip pain professional within the business OR you might choose to list your own name as the business name and also as the Hip Pain Professional.  Your name then becomes the searchable entity on the directory. You may want to discuss your options with your employer regards your employment agreement and any financial assistance they may be willing to provide you.


    Can I nominate more than one Hip Pain Professional?

    Yes you can list multiple members of staff and even staff of different professions.  Each additional Hip Pain Professional profile is $75/year.  This can be set up in the membership portal once your basic listing and included profile have been approved.

    It is important for you to choose your staff who have the most skill and interest in solving problems for people with hip/pelvic dysfunction.  They may have extra training, a depth of experience or a specialised skill set that will appeal to this population.


    I have multiple practice locations – can I add more to my personal/practice listing?

    Each subscription is for ONE location only.  You will need another membership to list another practice location and for it to be visible in your search.  If you are a sole practitioner who visits multiple locations or a large business with multiple locations please contact us to discuss your individual circumstance.

    Adding Listing

    How do I pay?

    Its easy. Press here JOIN US NOW.

    Payment is through the STRIPE secure payment gateway with the use of credit or debit card.   Hip Pain Help website does not keep records of your credit card details.  Please see our privacy policy for more information on how your details are stored.

    Alternatively, click on the green “professional registration tab” at the top right hand side of the site.  Then scroll down until you find the annual membership information box and click on the “Join Us Now” button

    This will take you to the payment screen, and once your payment details have been entered and accepted, you will then be prompted on how to go on and complete your listing.

    Details to assist with the rest of the listing process are detailed in other FAQs below, this webpage or this video.

    I have a login but I lost the payment screen. What should I do?

    It’s OK.  Yo u do not need to make a new username and password.  Simply go to the Professional symbol to the left of the green button in the header menu.  Hover here and you may find you are still logged in.

    If not enter your username/email address and password to login. Then click on add listing – it will let you know if you still need to pay.  Pay here if needed and you are good to go.

    I am now a member. Can you help me find my way around the members area?

    Here is screen shot of the members area.

    User – this is the account admin details

    Edit User Details – alter your email address and password

    Add listing – add the location of practice/business & contact details etc

    My Listings – once your listing has been approved you can use this tab to edit your entry and add extra images.

    Add Hip Pain Professional(s) – add your HPP profile here (all listings must complete this step)

    My Professionals – edit your existing HPP (once listing has been through the initial approval process)

    Subscriptions – you can check your subscription renewal date, cancel your membership and update your credit card details here.

    I am ready to set up my directory listing. What do I need?

    We recommend allowing yourself around 30 minutes to fill in your entries.  You will need a landscape image (png/jpeg) with ideal size of 620W*400H (max 5MB)for your listing thumbnail.  This thumbnail will represent your business when displayed in search results.

    You will also need head shot of your HPP (for their profile pic).  You will need to have a think about what will make your business stand out to the general public and specifically to our users who will be looking for solutions to hip/pelvic dysfunction.  It is possible to add videos and links to your social media outlets.  Extra practice images can also be added but it best to do this during the review & editing phase after approval.

    For your staff you will need

    • The name and location of their health degree (include undergraduate & postgraduate)
    • How many years of clinical practice they have
    • If they have attended any courses with Dr Alision Grimaldi (and if they were online only or also had a practical component)
    • Their Bio – again consider how their skills can appeal to hip/pelvic population. This is a good place to mention any relevant professional development courses/training
    • Their special interests (choose from a list)

    Remember all directory listing must have business/location details and details of your nominated HPP.  There will be a delay in approving your listing if you do not complete both of these steps.

    Please be aware that after you submit your forms you will not be able to edit until your listing is approved by admin.

    How do I add my location listing/business details?


    To set up a new listing click on “Add New Listing

    All the information you need to add about your listing can now be done – please note that everything you enter here will be freely available to the general public.  Please DO NOT enter any details here that you wish to remain private or confidential.  It is a good idea to dedicate some time to this step as all the info is best submitted at one time.  Editing is not possible until your listing has gone live (after it has been through our approval process).

    Listing title – enter your business name (or your own name if you are doing a personal/sole trader listing)

    Business website – enter your business url

    Business address – including street number, street name, city/suburb, postcode and country (choose from drop-down address suggestions)

    Business type (select from the drop-down list) we suggest you choose the main profession you would like your clinic to be recognised for – this is the “profession type” that the clinic is now searchable under.  We advise you consider the category that you would like your practice to be listed under.  For example, if the staff you are entering are predominantly, for example, exercise physiologists, then it may be best to set your profession/business type as “exercise physiology” instead of “multidisciplinary”

    Services Provided – Click to select the services the business provides – you can select as many or as few as you want. Try to be professionally accurate to avoid client disappointment if they visit you for a specific service that you don’t actually offer.

    Description: Use this section to highlight particular features/benefits of this business or your services at this location.  Even if you are an individual listing do not enter you bio here.  For example you could mention the facilitates, location, mission statement or passion.

    Images – Upload an image that will represent your listing on the directory’s search result page. A landscape image (png/jpeg) is required with an ideal size of 620W*400H (max 5MB).  Additional images can be added via My Listing Tab once you listing is approved.

    You will be able to add multiple images (max total size 128MB) but this is easier to edit and modify once your listing is live.  We recommend a total of 3-5 images.  If you wish to upload all your images now – they will need to be selected and added from the same folder and your thumbnail will be automatically selected by the computer.  Choosing images from your existing website can be a good way to link your listing to your existing website.  You could try purchasing images from an online stock image website if you don’t have anything suitable.

    Please contact info@hippainhelp.com if you are having issues with your thumbnail displaying correctly and we can assist you.  Please include a description of the image you want as your thumbnail if you have already uploaded, or the actual image that you are having difficulty with.

    Business phone number – include the country and area code (eg +61 7 3342 4284).

    Business email  – this email should go directly to your reception staff for timely response to patient enquiries

    Self-hosted video – if you have the url or a self-hosted video (not hosted on any other platform) on your site add this here

    Video hosted on a public platform – if you have a business video on a public platform such as you tube or vimeo you can add it here

    Social media – Whatever professional social media you are involved with you can add here.  Remember that this information will be available to your potential clients.  Please include the full URL not just your username.eg https://twitter.com/alisongrimaldi


    Once you are sure you are happy with your listing click “Save changes”.  Once you have selected this you are unable to go back to this page or review your listing until after it has been approved by the Hip Pain Help team.

    You have now set up half of your listing.  All users must now “Add Hip Pain Professional(s)

    How do I add the Hip Pain Professional profile?

    Before you add your professional first “Add Listing” (see above FAQ answer)

    Click on the “Add Hip Pain Professional(s)”

    Name – As on your professional registration

    Bio – Add personal/staff bio about this staff member – remember this is a website for hip and pelvis related issues so you may want to ensure you include information relevant to this.  You could add professional development courses here.

    Image – enter a photo of the professional listed.

    Profession Type – select  from the drop-down list.  Two professions may be added if Bachelor degree (or above) obtained in both professions.

    Qualifications – Full details including Undergraduate and Postgraduate in your nominated profession.

    Eg. Bachelor of Physiotherapy. University of Queensland. 1999

    Years of clinical practice – years of qualified experience in nominated profession.

    Attendance at courses with Dr Alison Grimaldi (choose from drop-down) – either online or online and practical. If you have not done any this section will not be visible on your listing

    Special interests – tick as many applicable boxes as desired (please be honest)

    Once you have completed all the fieldss, click on the “Add Staff Button “ in pink at the bottom of the page.

    Great Job.  Now you can wait to receive the email that indicates your listings are approved and live.  If you do not hear anything in 48 hours please contact us via info@hippainhelp.com

    I made some errors entering my listing or professional details but I can't edit? Help!

    You will have full access to edit your entry once it is approved and you will receive an email letting you know so that you can view your listing/profile.  At this time, you will also be able to edit by logging in to the membership portal and selecting my listings and/or my professionals.

    How can I add extra staff profiles?

    Yes you can list multiple members of staff and even staff of different professions.

    Once you have added your included professional you can then add up to 15 extra professionals by repressing the “Add Professional(s)” tab.  You will be prompted to pay a $75 additional fee per extra professional and this will be for one year from the date they are added.  It will only be displayed for the full year if your base membership remains valid for this whole time.  You will be re-billed annually ($75) for this extra professional.

    How are my details protected?

    Please read our privacy policy

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your main listing anytime from your account dashboard, visible when you are logged in to your account.  Your listing will remain visible until you complete your paid subscription term.  Due to administrative costs and members access to resources we are unable to refund part of the yearly subscription.  Please contact us via form or email info@hippainhelp.com if you need to take your listing down immediately.  Unfortunately your extra HPP subscriptions can only be cancelled by contacting admin via info@hippainhelp.com.

    Full Membership
    $ 99 /Year
    You don't have permission to register