Dr. Alison Grimaldi

Dr. Alison Grimaldi, who is a foundational member of this site, Hip Pain Help, is also a highly experienced physiotherapist, researcher and educator. Alison has a well-established professional site,  www.dralisongrimaldi.com , where she provides health professionals with a number of opportunities for advancing their knowledge and practical skills in the assessment and management of hip, pelvic and groin pain.


Online Learning

Online learning provides a flexible delivery option for advancing knowledge. For clinicians who are juggling a busy workload and trying to stay up-to-date, this method allows you to learn in your own time, at your own rate. The online courses are provided as videos with downloadable handouts. These online courses by Dr Alison Grimaldi may be purchased as stand-alone products but also form the theory content for our practical workshops, to allow our workshops to be less time intensive and primarily practical.  


With the theory completed online, these workshops are designed to provide health professionals with hands-on training to optimise assessment and treatment skills and the know-how to deliver these within a clinical reasoning model. Depending on the course, you may be learning high-level evaluation of muscle function around the hip and pelvis and ways to optimise this function, assessment and management strategies for tendinopathies of the hip and pelvis, joint-related hip pain, nerve-related pain or real-time ultrasound techniques for optimising muscle function around the whole body.



Prefer to read? Dr Alison Grimaldi has produced a series of ebooks on tendinopathies of the hip and pelvis which represent the most comprehensive information available for clinicians on these topics. The literature is reviewed in detail, and assessment and management approaches are provided in an evidence-informed, apply-today format. Purchase of the ebooks also includes access to online videos of key diagnostic tests and exercises.


There is also a large amount of free content on www.dralisongrimaldi.com  Alison has generously developed a publication page that provides information on all papers she has been involved in and some short 5 minute videos that summarise what was done, the findings and the clinical implications of the paper discussed. Get the key messages fast! 



Links and information on the podcasts for which Alison has been interviewed are all available at www.dralisongrimaldi.com  Alison’s podcasts, recorded by PhysioEdge (itunes) and the British Journal of Sports Medicine (SoundCloud) have been hugely popular. In 2018, Alison was awarded the prize for the British Journal of Sports Medicine’s most popular podcast.  

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