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Browse self help products our professionals use everyday in clinic and have found invaluable in helping patients with hip & pelvic problems

At Hip Pain Help we strive to connect those with hip and pelvic pain to professionals with a special interest in this area.  But due to COVID-19, the reality is that not everyone is able to connect with a therapist face-to-face.

This is why we have created our Self Help Shop, and we’ve included only self help products and information that we have used in our clinics and are proven favourites with hundreds of our patients. Scroll down to browse a range of products that can allow you to sit more comfortably, get a good night’s sleep and relieve your hip and pelvic pain.

Support and Pressure Relief Cushion Self Help Products

HPH Posture Wedge Cushion Option - self help products

An ergonomically designed orthopaedic cushion with a 10 degree wedge for reducing back, hip and pelvic pain.

Pressure Relief Cushion - self help products

Made with ‘egg-carton’ foam, this cushion absorbs weight and reduces pressure on the hips and pelvis while sitting.

Coccyx Cushion for coccydynia or tailbone pain - self help products

This specially designed cushion has been developed to help rapidly alleviate tailbone pressure and pain.

Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful device. The poles have helped me to regain my confidence in walking again. With the help of the poles I feel more in control and stable making it easier and more enjoyable to go out an enjoy life.

Brisbane, Australia

Thank you for introducing me to the activator poles. They have made my life so much easier, being lightweight and adjustable height, plus allowing me to further straighten my back. So much easier to use than the task of putting my wheelie walker in and out of the car, and more flexible around my home. Many thanks

Bli Bli, QLD, Aus

Using the heat and then massaging the muscles that are over where I get my pain will often allow me to get my pain under control without needing to go to the physio

The Gap, Australia

My buttock pain is a chronic issue linked to my back and hip. Frequently I can lie or sit on the hot pack either at rest or to do my exercises and this will settle my pain.

Brisbane, Australia

I have had Coccydynia for many years. The coccyx cushion helped my pain to settle and allowed me to return to pain free sitting. However it is still a great resource for hard and uncomfortable chairs or if I am having a flare up.


Heat Therapy Self Help Products For Hip Pain and/or Cooling Relief

large lupin heat pack for stomach - self help products
long hot pack along spine and pelvis - self help products
long heat pack to cover back and pelvis - self help products

Hot or cold, these versatile pack self help products can be used to help soothe aches and pains all over the body. Easy to wrap around any shape.

Mattress Toppers & Cuddleup Body Pillow Self Help Products

Egg Carton Mattress Topper

‘Egg-carton’ mattress overlay for pain relief while sleeping.

cuddleup body pillow for pain relief and pregnancy

‘Cuddleup’ Body Pillow for Hip Pain, Low Back and Pelvic Pain

Other Self Help Options

Explore our other self help options

Self Help Courses - self help for hip pain

Self Help Courses

Self Help Strategies - self help for hip pain

Self Help Strategies

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