Cuddleup Body Pillow for Hip Pain, Low Back and Pelvic Pain

A body pillow for hip pain, pelvic or low back pain can mean the difference between sleeping and not sleeping at night.  Many people struggle with their pain at night and sleep deprivation can become a very disabling part of your condition.

Sleep is essential – this is our healing time, our recovery time. Without it, not only your injury but life in general can become a major struggle.

The Cuddleup Body Pillow for hip pain, pelvic or low back pain is uniquely designed……ever tried rolling over in bed with just one pillow?…let alone a body pillow?  The Cuddleup Body Pillow wraps around you, so you simply turn over in the night and cuddle the other side of the pillow – no more wrestling in the night with pillows!

There are so many conditions where you could improve your sleep using the cuddle body pillow and enjoy some hip pain relief, low back or pelvic pain relief.

The Cuddleup Body Pillow for hip pain is VERSATILE:

• Relieving painful pressure points.
• Reducing swelling by elevating body.
• Assisting with reflux & breathing issues.

• Alleviate pressure post-operation.
• Reducing restless sleep.
• AND its great for relaxing.

The Cuddleup Body Pillow for hip pain is beneficial DURING PREGNANCY AND POSTNATALLY

• Suits all body shapes and sizes.
• May ease backache.

• Can be used as a feeding pillow.
• Supports side sleeping position.
• Alleviate pressure post birth.

The Cuddleup Body Pillow for hip pain may reduce pain by providing SUPPORT AS YOU SLEEP

Keeps the body in a position that may alleviate:

  • stretching
  • compression
  • impingement

Here are some of the more common conditions that patients using the cuddle body pillow for

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A couple of recent research articles about sleep

10 habits for better sleep American Physical Therapy Association

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You can also buy replacement pillowslips here:

It’s always ideal to have a set of spare laundry!

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