Egg-carton Mattress Topper – Relief Sleeping


This delux foam mattress topper is specifically designed as an egg-carton mattress topper for pain relief sleeping, providing pressure-free comfort for a good night’s sleep.

It can be helpful to use a mattress topper, particularly if you struggle to lie on your side because  of pain related to pressure on your hip bones. Something softer under the hip can be of great assistance.  This egg-carton mattress topper spreads the pressure out over a larger surface area and so less pressure ends up pushing in on the greater trochanter (the bone that sticks out at the side of the hip).

In conditions such as gluteal tendinopathy, trochanteric bursitis or greater trochanteric pain syndrome, reducing time spent lying on your side is recommended if it is causing painful irritation. Since this is not always possible, an egg-carton mattress topper may help reduce the pain from compression on the lower hip.  This also reduces pressure across the pelvis and can ease some of the pain related to sensitive nerves running through the buttock region, or a tender coccyx (tip of the tailbone).

Many people spend thousands of dollars on new mattress to combat this issue, but often an egg-carton mattress topper can have a similar effect at a fraction of the cost.

It is not uncommon for those with painful hips to also have painful shoulders. Pressure on the shoulders when lying on the side can also cause sleep disturbance. The egg-carton mattress topper can then provide pain relief in sleeping for both body areas.

Pain relief in sleeping can make a big difference to your wellbeing.  Sleep is restorative for your brain and body – time to rest and digest, time to heal and recover. Many people lie awake for hours each night, unable to sleep as a direct result of their hip or shoulder pain. Reduced sleep can have many negative impacts on your general health, your healing capacity, your ability to cope with day to day stresses and your capacity to function at your best at work and home. Reducing pain and improving your sleep can be very beneficial, not just for coping with your pain, but for your health, wellbeing and physical and mental performance.

You can read about this and other ways you can gain pain relief in sleeping in the blog “Top Tips on Hip Pain Relief Sleeping – Learn How.”



Getting an egg crate mattress overlay has been the single biggest help to manage my hip pain (and pain in the rest of my body.) It has helped my sleep tremendously and I recommend them to everyone.

Katy F

Brisbane, Australia


I have pain in my lower back buttock and front of my hip. I would be unable to sit and to drive if it was not for my posture wedge cushion. It has changed my life with how I am now able to get out and about and travel and socialise.


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