Cold and heat therapy have been used as part of treatment for joint, muscle and nerve pain for centuries, including heat therapy for hip pain, and/ or cooling relief.  Both can be incredibly soothing for aches and pains. Some people prefer cool and some people prefer heat. Apart from avoiding heat in the first 48 hours after an acute traumatic injury, there is no right or wrong, moreso whichever gives the user most benefit.

Made from lightweight ‘Lupin Seed’, these packs are much lighter for the user than traditional wheat bags. They can be heated or cooled making them versatile for all sorts of situations.

Hot or cold, these versatile packs can be used to help soothe aches and pains all over the body. Easy to wrap around any shape. 

Heat Packs for Hip Pain: Relief for Joint and Muscle Pain in Winter

Many people complain that their aches and pains get worse in the cold – these heat packs are the perfect thing to help warm you back up in those colder, winter months.  You might choose to lie with your hot pack on, although we stronger advise you not to sleep with it due to the risk of sustaining a burn.  Or you can wrap your pack around the area you want and then hold it in place with a belt or something similar, allowing you the freedom to continue your daily tasks uninterrupted whilst enjoying the soothing warmth of the heat pack.

Freeze for longer lasting cold relief

These packs are simply placed into the freezer to then be transformed into a soothing cold pack. Please always be careful to ensure you don’t sustain an ice burn – use a towel between your skin and the pack if you need to.

Lupin seed over Wheat bags any day!

Lupins stay warmer for longer and are less inclined to absorb water which deteriorates the grain. They are also 30% lighter than wheat so if pressure is an issue, these could well be your answer.

Multiple Shaped and Sized Hot Packs for your Pain

• Square (20cm x 20cm)

• Rectangle (33cm x 13cm)

• Shoulder Wrap

• Segmented Body Pillow (40cm x19cm)

• Segmented Body Pillow L (56cm x23cm)

• Lower Back Wrap

• Hand Mitt

There will be an ideally shaped heat pack for whatever you might need

Here are some of the more common conditions that patients have found cold and heat therapy of benefit



Using the heat and then massaging the muscles that are over where I get my pain will often allow me to get my pain under control without needing to go to the physio


The Gap, Australia

My buttock pain is a chronic issue linked to my back and hip. Frequently I can lie or sit on the hot pack either at rest or to do my exercises and this will settle my pain.


Brisbane, Australia

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