Do you experience hip or pelvic pain when walking?

Make walking easier with Nordic Walking Poles!









Why use Nordic poles?

Deloading – can reduce stress and strain on joints and other structures

Balance – feel safer and more secure as you walk

Posture – promotes a more upright position

Stamina – walk further, faster and more often

Cardio – up to 25% more cardio workout than normal walking

Weight Management – burns up to 46% more calories than normal walking

Core Strengthening – an abs contraction with every step

Whole Body Workout – use muscles throughout your body

Enjoyment – feel safer, more supported and in less pain and enjoy walking again

Customer Testimonial

Woman walking in forest with urban poles

Thank you for introducing me to the activator poles. They have made my life so much easier, being lightweight and adjustable height, plus allowing me to further straighten my back. So much easier to use than the task of putting my wheelie walker in and out of the car, and more flexible around my home. Many thanks!

Bli Bli, QLD, Australia


How can Nordic Walking Poles Reduce your hip pain walking?

A simple support in your hands can help to change how you move.  Changing how you move can change your pain.

You can read more about The Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking, in this great blog!


What conditions do Nordic Walking poles help the most?

Nordic Walking Poles can help to reduce pain walking felt in any part of the hip, the pelvis and or the lower back, as well as further down the leg into the knee and ankle. As such, they may benefit any condition linked to these areas that causes pain!

If you have a specific condition, consult your physician or therapist before using the Nordic Walking Poles or if you are currently using or have been recommended to use other devices for walking.

Customer Testimonial


Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful device. The poles have helped me to regain my confidence in walking again. With the help of the poles I feel more in control and stable making it easier and more enjoyable to go out an enjoy life.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Pain is not the only reason to consider using Nordic Walking Poles

Some Nordic poles have been designed to help people with other conditions when walking.

These include:

Post hip surgery / post knee surgery



Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Chronic Pain

Cancer Rehab

Spinal Conditions

Fall Prevention

If you have any of these conditions, consult your physician or therapist before using the Nordic Walking Poles or if you are currently using or have been recommended to use other devices for walking.

The Activator Nordic Walking Pole is Specifically designed for those who need help

Urban Poles Features
Couple walking with nordic poles

Designed and engineered in Canada, there are currently 19 independent studies on the ACTIVATOR Poles at hospitals and universities in Canada and the renowned Royal Orthopedic Hospital in London, UK.

Some Great Features of Activator Nordic Poles:

  • Button locking system for greater weight-bearing capacity
  • Maximum User Weight 250 lb (114 kg)
  • Weight-bearing per pole 200 lb (90 kg)
  • Patented ergonomic Coregrip designed for core strengthening, balance and off-loading while reducing strain on the wrist
  • Bell shaped tip for stability
  • Wide ledge instead of a strap to reduce the risk of injury

Maximum user weight: ACTIVATOR Poles is 250 lb/114 kg. ACTIVATOR² Poles is 320 lb/145 kg.

We always recommend the advice of a Health Professional when going to use Nordic Poles to assist walking.

Check with your private insurer, or other medical cover program. You may be eligible to claim on this product. A health professional recommendation to purchase this product may be required.

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