Pressure Relief Cushion – Pain Relief In Sitting


Do you find yourself sitting with only one buttock in contact with the chair?

Do you have to sit leaning to the side or with your buttock half off the chair due to the discomfort of the pressure against the chair?

Do you find yourself standing rather than sitting, because you can’t tolerate the pressure on your sitting bones?

A pressure relief cushion can provide pain relief in sitting, allowing you to get on with your work or actually focus on that social conversation.

The pressure relief cushion (multipurpose cushion) is the perfect cushion for reducing pressure and providing pain relief in sitting –  a multi-purpose comfort seat pad for your chair.

This pressure relief cushion is made with ‘egg- carton foam’ that absorbs your weight and reduces pressure, providing pain relief in sitting and allowing you to sit more comfortably for longer periods. The foam resembles a soft egg carton; the foam pieces wrap around the area of pain reducing direct pressure. It is ideal as a comfort cushion on any chair, including a wheelchair.

The pressure relief cushion (multipurpose cushion) can provide pain relief in sitting, where pressure is an issue

This cushion may be helpful to:

Many people invest huge sums of money on new “ergonomically correct” chairs in the hope they might help to provide pain relief in sitting, when often a Multipurpose, Pressure Relief Cushion is all you need and at a fraction of the cost.

And because the Multipurpose, Pressure Relief Cushion is so lightweight, it is easy to transport with you wherever you go –  on planes, trains or automobiles.

So many people have to stop doing the things they enjoy most, because they can’t sit for sustained periods due to their pain.  Taking this cushion with you will let you do so much more than before: go out for coffee with friends, dinner with a partner, head to the movies, take in a musical or a theatre play. Less pain in your life allows you not just to do more, but also to enjoy what you do. Reducing pain can be a wonderful thing, helping you to take control of your issues rather than them taking control of your life.

The Pressure Relief Cushion (Multipurpose Cushion) is available in two different cover options: in Dura-fab, a soft washable polyester fabric, or alternatively in a Steri-Plus moisture resistant cover.



I am a yoga and meditation teacher with a long term history of hamstring tendinopathy. My Hip Pain Professional Physiologist recommended the pressure relief cushion to reduce discomfort with sitting and to support healing. I use my pressure cushion every day at my desk. It has helped me greatly to recover and continue to live an active life.


I am a grandmother helping to look after 3 young grandkids. I couldn't drive or bend without pain. The pressure relief cushion has changed my life and I can now drive pain free. I don’t go anywhere without it


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