How Do I Find The Right Hip Pain Professional?

Quick recap on the last few weeks….

This week we will look at how you go about finding the right hip pain professional for you and your situation.

In our first week in “Welcome to Hip Pain Help” we looked at how this site came about, why you can trust what you read at Hip Pain Help and the ways in which you can navigate and use the site

Last week we looked at the How a Health Professional can Help you and the 4 Pillars Approach to Treatment, learning about important considerations with your treatment options.

But what if you need help? How do you find the right hip pain professional for you?

One of the key reasons this site was started was the multitude of calls to the site founders, from around the globe, from people wanting to know how to find someone with a special interest in hip pain near them.  “Find a Hip Pain Professional” was born.

We aim to do just that, provide you with an easy to use platform where you can search the Hip Pain Professionals near you.  Easily find out:



  • what type of professional they are
  • what their experience is
  • what they offer
  • if they are the right fit for what you are looking for

How do I use this site to search for the right Hip Pain Professional?

What kind of professional should I search for?

This video is a step by step guide of how to use this site to

  1. locate a hip pain professional
  2. easily see what the professional is able to offer
  3. find out what type of health professional might be best suited to your needs

Transcript of the above video about finding the right hip pain professional for you

Many of our blogs have interactive videos which we hope make it easier for you but we know not everyone is a visual learner so rest assured make sure you read on as we will attach transcripts for those of you who are readers.

Searching for a Hip Pain Professional is easy.  Throughout this site there are search bars provided. Just enter your nearest town or city, choose your location from the dropdown list and hit GO.

Alternatively click on the “Find a Professional” tab on the top menu bar, again enter your nearest town or city, choose your location from the dropdown list, and click on GO.


All available types of Hip Pain Professionals and their practices in your area will now appear.  From here you can also enter the radius of the distance you are prepared to travel or, if you know the practice name you are looking for, enter this is the keyword search.



But what type of Hip Pain Professional do you need?

Click on our “Find a Professional” tab, scroll down and read about all the different types of professionals and what they do

Want to learn more about different treatment options that may be offered.  Hover over the “Find a Professional” and click onto the treatment options tab and read more.

Now that you are armed with a bit more of an understanding about hip pain professionals and what they do, lets have a more detailed look at the directory search results.

Having narrowed your search down to the area and profession you are looking for, click on the listing you would like to learn more about.  Read about what the practice has to offer.



Read the information bar to the right of the listing (once you have opened it) to see exactly what type of services they offer, such as whether they offer exercise classes, utilise hands on treatment, or have a gymnasium. Here you also have easy access to the practice website, contact details and social media accounts.  You can contact the professional directly by clicking on the “Contact Us” button (top right of the listing)

Each entry will have at least one nominated Hip Pain Professional to link you directly with the individual best suited to your needs.  You can read further about the individual, including what qualifications they have,  see how many years of experience they have and what specific skills they may be able to offer. If they have attended training with Dr Alison Grimaldi, Hip Pain Help website founder, it will also be listed here.. If you cannot find anyone suitable in your area, please send us a message by going to the “Contact Us” tab, and let us know where you live and we will endeavour to update you if new professional join in your area.

Take control of your pain with Hip Pain Help


This blog was written by Dr Alison Grimaldi and Kirsty McNab, physiotherapists who have over 50 years of combined professional clinical experience, dealing with patients suffering from a wide range of hip and pelvic conditions.

Dr. Alison Grimaldi BPhty, MPhty(Sports), PhD is Practice Principal of Physiotec Physiotherapy, an Australian Sports Physiotherapist and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland, author and global educator.

Kirsty McNab BSc Hons, MPhty(Sports), is Practice Principal of Physiologix and a highly experienced Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist having worked extensively with elite athletes, the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia, and Tennis Australia.

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From our last few blogs you’ll know how to use this site and why you should seek help from a Hip Pain Professional.

Next week, learn about what types of treatment your Hip Pain Professional can offer, what these treatmens are, and how they might help – Check out our next blog to find out more!

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