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Welcome to Hip Pain Help - a Place to Connect

What is Hip Pain Help about?

Hip Pain Help is a one stop shop for those suffering with hip pain.  Learn what might be causing your issues, how you might be able to best manage what is happening, and who best to contact if you need further help.

Hip pain Help was bought together by three physiotherapists who were frustrated at the lack of what was out there to help guide patients with hip pain, both in diagnoses and management.  There was even greater frustration at the massive amounts of “fake news” slapped around the internet on what you should be doing, but based on absolutely no research, frequently potentially aggravating not easing things.

Take Control Of Your Pain With Hip Pain Help

Over the next few blogs learn about how this site has been set up and why you can trust in what you read. Learn what treatments options there are and how you can make sure you know what you are asking when you go to see somebody.  Learn about who might be able to help you…….there are so many different types of professions out there all trying to convince you they might help – who are these people and how do you search for them.

Why should I use this site and how do I?

Lets start with who we are and what this site is and how to get started using all the amazing things there are to offer.

Many of our blogs have interactive videos which we hope make it easier for you but we know not everyone is a visual learner so rest assured make sure you read on as we will attach transcripts for those of you who are readers.

Transcript of the above video

This video is presented by Dr Alison Grimaldi, leading expert in Hip and Pelvic pain and founder of this site. Here is the transcript:

Welcome to Hip Pain Help.

Having established a successful private practice with a team of 10 physiotherapists in Brisbane, Australia, I continue to find great reward in assisting those with hip pain in their journey of recovery. However, every day I hear heartbreaking personal stories about avoidable ‘wrong turns’ in the management of their musculoskeletal pain. People from around the globe, email me asking for help, telling me how delays in their diagnosis or inappropriate treatment have had adverse impacts on their health, quality of life and finances.

If only these people had found a knowledgeable health professional to provide helpful advice earlier in their journey. This is why Hip Pain Help was created.

So, I embarked on a project to bridge the gap: connect those in need with those who can help them.

At Hip Pain Help, we strive to provide the best outcomes for those around the world suffering from hip and pelvic pain.  How?

Firstly, by connecting you with high quality information. Hip Pain Help is far more than just a directory, it’s packed with high-quality information you can trust, including emerging evidence and treatment options for painful conditions around the hip and pelvis.

Start now by finding out more about your pain using our Pain Locator Map, or simply search for your condition by its name.

Secondly, we make it easy for you to seek help from one of our Hip Pain Professionals. These are health professionals who are continually involved in the rapidly advancing area of musculoskeletal pain and injury management. Professionals who can help you on your journey to recovery. To find a professional within our ever-growing community, simply add your city to our search bar and press Go!

Take Control of your Pain today with Hip Pain Help


This blog was written by Dr Alison Grimaldi, physiotherapists, researcher, and educator, who has over 30 years professional clinical experience, dealing with patients suffering from a wide range of hip and pelvic conditions.

Dr Alison Grimaldi - Hip Pain Professional

Dr. Alison Grimaldi BPhty, MPhty(Sports), PhD, FACP is a fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists, Practice Principal of PhysioTec Physiotherapy, an Australian Sports Physiotherapist , an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland, as well as an author and global educator

Don’t miss our next blog……

We are excited to be able to start helping you.  Hopefully now you know how to use this site to start to look at what is wrong and what you might be able to do about it.

So why is it good to see a health professional to help you get on track and how might they help – Check out our next blog to find out more!

Ensure you are signed up to our social media and newsletter to make sure you aren’t missing out.  And every week check us out here at HIP PAIN HELP for our next hip pain blog where we will cover all sorts of issues relating to pain anywhere around the hip, the front, the back, the inside and the outside.


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