2022 Wrap Up

Looking back at 2022 at HipPainHelp.com & what’s to come for 2023

In 2022, our focus has been to help you understand why your pain is aggravated during various activities and provide tips on ways to help yourself with your hip or pelvic pain. We covered why your hip pain may be aggravated during stretchingyoga and at the gym, and ways to modify yoga and gym technique to get the best out of your workouts.  We  also covered the best exercises for hip osteoarthritissharp pains in the hip and nerve related pain of the saddle region. It was a huge year!
At Hip Pain Help, all our website content is written by health professionals, highly experienced in the successful treatment of hip and pelvic pain. Our professionals work clinically and write for you based on the most up to date evidence. We aim to provide you a high quality information you can trust, as an alternative to the false and misleading information often found on the internet.

In 2023, we will continue to bring you more information about key hip and pelvic pain conditions and the best ways to successfully manage them.
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Top 3 Blogs of 2022

The most popular blog of 2022 was: Can stretching Make Hip Pain Worse? This blog sought to provide you with a summary of the areas and types of hip pain that may be made worse by stretching.

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Second place of our top 3 blogs of 2022 goes to: Which gym exercises should I avoid for hip pain? The focus for this blog was to provide some guidelines to assist you in finding a gym exercise program that suits you and your hips best.

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And the 3rd blog to make our Top 3 list of 2022 is: Ways To Reduce Hip Pain At The Gym. This blog sought to help you understand why certain exercise might aggravate your hip pain, and how changing your exercise routine can help.

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Top 3 Social Media Bits of 2022

The most popular social media post of 2022 was this video which explained how to do the bridging exercise correctly , which is a fantastic alternative to clams – and an easy exercise to do on your bed. You also don’t have to worry about climbing on and off the floor!!

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The second most popular social media post of 2022 was this post, which focussed on the labrum, highlighting its various functions, including; assisting in hip joint stability and health, and helping the flow of nutrient-rich joint fluid and trapping fluid between the bones when you land on your foot in walking and running.

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And the 3rd social media post to make our Top 3 list of 2022 is this one, which asked the important question, ‘Are you a hip hanger in standing?’ This post provided important information on why your posture may be contributing to your pain.

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Dr Alison Grimaldi continues to teach globally, bringing better hip treatment to those with hip pain everywhere

One of our Co-founders, Dr. Alison Grimaldi, has had a very busy year teaching other hip professionals. With Covid still impacting travel, Alison’s workshops were limited for most of the year, but she managed to bring together health professionals from all over Australia for her Brisbane workshops in July. Alison has also provided short workshops in conferences at the Gold Coast and Sydney, online workshops for health professionals from all over the world and online conference presentations or hosted workshops for groups in Spain, Brazil, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Alison continues to run her popular Hip Academy, a community of over 200 health professionals from all over the globe who have a special passion in learning more and helping more people with their hip pain.

Right now, Alison has set out on another adventure, and is headed to London, where she will be holding some more practical workshops for other physiotherapists. We wish Alison all the best with her workshops, and safe travels!

In 2023, she already has teaching tours planned for Canada and the USA, and the UK and Europe, as well as local and online workshops booked. She is keynoting as conferences in Canada & Sweden. It will certainly be a busy year but Alison’s passion for furthering knowledge about hip pain only continues to grow.

Our Growing Online Directory of Hip Professionals

When you use our Find a Hip Pain Professional Search, have a closer look at the results.  Each Hip Pain Professional will specify which hip pain management they provide from the above list.

Our Online Global Directory of Hip Pain Professionals has seen even more growth this year, with more hip pain help in more places around the world than ever before! These are health professionals who know hips and can help with your hip, groin, buttock or pelvic pain.

We have Hip Pain Professionals located across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, and we are continuing to build our directory.

Remember, even if there is not a health professional close to you at this stage, most of our HIp Pain Professionals also provide virtual consultations, so they can still provide a modified assessment, some really powerful advice and develop a tailored exercise program for you. These are the key elements for controlling hip and pelvic pain for the longer term.

Top Hip Tips for this Holiday Season!

Tip 1: Reduce Pain Whilst Standing

Try and reduce sway posture this holiday season (standing posture where people tend to lock their knees in and throw their hips too far forward). Instead, relieve pressure on your hips (and back) by bringing your weight back to be roughly two thirds on your heels and growing gently tall.



Tip 2: Reduce Pain Whilst Sitting

These holidays you might find yourself driving to visit family or friends, or just to take a break, attending plays, social occasions, meals and drinks out, but how can you make sitting a more pleasant experience these holidays? A supportive cushion might be the answer for you!


Tip 3: Reduce Pain Whilst Sleeping

As we all know, the holiday period can be a stressful and exhausting time for many of us, so getting enough sleep is imperative. However, sleeping may be where your hip and pelvic pain can bother you most.  Knowing the appropriate strategies to sleep better and reduce hip pain can be vital this holiday season!


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