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Looking back at 2023 at HipPainHelp.com &
what’s to come for 2024

Firstly a massive thank you to all our readers and followers, for supporting us, in supporting you.  HipPainHelp.com is written by 2 highly experienced physiotherapists (physical therapists), passionate about helping those with hip pain. We have endeavoured to pack this site full of helpful, accurate, accurate information based on high-quality and up-to-date scientific research and our combined experience of over 50 years. There is no inaccurate AI here, just great helpful content written by 2 real people!

There is much mis-information in Google Searches for questions often asked by people with hip pain.  In 2023, we have continued to focus on bringing you information on key areas that patients we see have been incorrectly informed about in their Google searches. And unfortunately the release of ChatGPT and other search generative experiences seems to be further complicating the issue, due to their 'hallucinations'! This is where AI technology fills the gaps with made-up information. Certainly not something you can trust at this point in time.

2024? Look out for much much more from us here at hippainhelp.com - more information about what your pain is, why you are getting it and what you can do to help yourself.

Lastly, look out for our new course coming in 2024 on pain over the outside of the hip - gluteal tendinopathy, greater trochanteric pain syndrome and trochanteric bursitis. The course will cover what it is, why it may have occurred and an easy-to-follow self help program to help you rehab from this condition. This program has been developed based on the very successful randomised clinical trial that provided patients with gluteal tendinopathy a success rate of around 80% both in the short and longer term - significantly more successful than a cortisone injection! And you will be getting the information from one of the key investigators, our very own Dr Alison Grimaldi.

Top 3 Blogs of 2023

Check out these Top 3 blogs from 2023. These blogs had great feedback from readers, and were the most visited this year!

In 2023, the most popular blog was: Why does my hip hurt when walking upstairs? This blog explored the common causes of hip pain when walking up stairs, looking at the different areas hip pain can occur in.

Click Here to read this blog about hip pain on stairs

The second most popular blog of 2023 was: 3 simple strategies to reduce hip pain with walking and running. This blog provides 3 simples strategies that you can immediately apply to reduce your hip pain when walking or running.

Click Here to read this blog about hip pain walking and running

Hip and buttock pain while driving

3rd place for top blog of 2023 goes to: Hip and buttock pain while driving. This blog looked at the possible reasons hip and buttock pain may occur while driving, and provided some strategies to reduce the pain.

Click Here to read this blog about hip pain driving

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Top 3 Social Media Posts of 2023

In 2023, we have worked hard to provide you with weekly posts on social media, covering different topics, hip facts, hip myths + lots more! Check out these Top 3 posts from 2023. These blogs had a large amount of engagement from followers.

In 2023, the most popular social media post was this post about 'Sharp hip pain from the soft tissue at the side of the hip'.

This post which focussed on one of our Hip Pain Help blogs, looked at the various symptoms of those struggling with an injury on the soft tissues at the side of the hip.

Click Here to read this blog about sharp hip pain

The second most popular social media post of 2023, was this post on: 'Common symptoms of a hip labral tear', from our blog on hip labral tears.

This post explored the common symptoms you may experience if you have a labral tear in your hip, helping you identify if you might be experiencing this injury.

Click Here to read this blog about hip labral tears

And taking the 3rd spot for our Top 3 Social Media Posts of 2023 is this post on: 'Sharp hip pain from the hip flexors' from our blog on sharp pain in the hip.

This blog helped us understand that this pain can be due to the muscles at the front of your hip. Feeling pain may be due to a sudden hip flexor related injury.

Click Here to read more about sharp hip pain from the hip flexors

Dr. Alison Grimaldi continued teaching and presenting to hip pain professional around the world

Dr Alison Grimaldi - Hip Pain Professional

2023 was a very busy year for me, outside my work at hippainhelp.com. From teaching in Australia and internationally, presenting keynotes around the world, being a guest in several podcasts, receiving a fellowship and other awards, and keeping my online hip education program (Hip Academy) going. These are some of the highlights from my year, below:

  • Face-to-face hip workshops in Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Canada, USA (New York City), UK (London, Surrey) Norway, Italy and Switzerland
  • Online Workshops for hundreds of health professionals around the world.
  • Keynote speaker at conferences in Canada, Sweden and Norway.
  • Recent presentation at the 6th International Scientific Tendon Symposium (World Tendon Conference) in Spain in November. Presenting 2 podium presentations and a symposium and winning the award for Best Oral Presentation by a senior researcher.
  •  Interviewed this year for 4 high profile podcasts based in Australia, the USA and the UK.
  • Awarded a Fellowship by the Australian College of Physiotherapists for her valuable research contributions to the field of physiotherapy.
  • Continued to treat patients at PhysioTec and provide mentoring for the fantastic physio team.
  • Continued to mentor my Hip Academy members - a community of over 300 health professionals from around the world.
  • Ongoing work on a number of international research projects and scientific publications.

A Message from Kirsty McNab

Kirsty McNab hip pain professional and hip physio

Many of our blogs have been written thanks to queries from you, the general public. We continuously strive to develop this site for you - your input is always greatly received. If there is something you would like to know more about, please email us at [email protected] and we'll put your topic on our list.

If you value what you have read on our site, please share it on social media groups you are part of - our passion would be to reach EVERYONE out there with hip pain.

Sharing our content will not only mean that you can help others like you benefit from the helpful information, but it will also help us to continue to allow to grow this site and help more people - thank you.

We very much look forward to bringing you so much more in 2024!

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Can't find a professional in your area?  Remember that most medical professionals now offer video consultations.  Covid saw all the world develop online skills, and the medical world was no different - doctors, physiotherapists and other health professionals found they could successfully deliver high-quality care for many conditions online. Find a therapist in our directory that offers the expertise you are looking for, and get in touch through our online " Find a Professional" page - click here to read more.

Hip Pain Help's Top Hip Tips for the 2023 Holiday Season!

Tip 1: Reduce Pain Travelling

Sitting in trains, planes and automobiles can be highly irritating for many people with hip pain. Want to know how to travel more comfortably these holidays? We have a blog for that! The blog covers pain in different areas of the hips and buttocks and what you might be able to do to reduce pain in that specific area when sitting. Small changes to how you sit, can make a big difference to your pain.

Click Here to read about travelling comfortably with hip pain

Tip 2: Reduce pain sitting

Sitting at dinners, functions, travelling, with family - the festive season comes with a lot of sitting at social events.  Depending on where and what type of pain you experience in sitting, we have some simple suggestions about supportive cushions that can help provide great pain relief when sitting. Light weight, portable, cheap and effective!

Click Here to read more about cushions that ease sitting pain

Tip 3: Get a Good Night's Sleep

The festive season is often exhausting, you are busy, often doing things you wouldn't usually do, often pushing your hip more than it's used to and sleeping in different beds while visiting friends and relatives. This can be a concoction for hip pain at night. We have some simple tips to help you get a good nights sleep. And sleep is everything, your health, your ability to cope, your happiness.

Click Here to read about sleeping comfortably with hip pain

Hip Pain Help's 2023 Gift Guide!

137 - Featured product-6

Gift 1: Posture Wedge Cushion

Our patients often experience pain at the front of the hip or groin. Sitting can be an irritating activity for your hip, especially when you go to get up.

A wedge cushion is a simple, cheap, portable way to better support your hip and pelvis when sitting, opening up the front of your hip and thus potentially reducing your hip pain.

Click Here to order one today.

137 - Featured product-5

Gift 2: Body Huggar Mattress Topper

Is your sleep disturbed by pain over the outside of the hip, or in the buttock area? Pain in these regions commonly interferes with sleep. One of the issues is pressure from the bed irritating pain over bony points. An eggshell-style mattress overlay is a tried and tested method of reducing this type of night pain. Clinicians at hippainhelp.com have found that patients report good pain relief from this 'decompression' overlay, that is often not provided by other styles of mattress overlays.

Click Here to order one today.

137 - Featured product-7

Gift 3: Pressure Relief/Multi-Purpose Cushion

Do you suffer with pain in the lower buttock area? Is the pain worse when sitting? Are your sitting bones tender? Do you find you are constantly trying to get comfy on your chair?

A pressure relief cushion could be exactly what you are looking for! This eggcarton foam design is especially designed to help take pressure away from one area, distributing it instead around other points. Portable & light - take this anywhere to help take the pain out of sitting.

Click Here to read more.

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