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Low Buttock Pain Relief Sitting – Need A Pressure Relief Cushion

The Right Cushion May Give Amazing Low Buttock Pain Relief Sitting

Lower buttock pain or pain in the sitting bones can feel like you are sitting on a hard rock causing a deep ache and at times radiating pain into the back of the thighs. Understanding the problem is key if you want to get low buttock pain relief sitting.

All too often it is assumed that this pain is related to sciatica or back problems. However,  a frequently overlooked but common cause of lower buttock pain is  Hamstring Tendinopathy.  This is an  irritation of the attachment of the hamstring muscles (in the back of the thigh) as they pass over and join into the sitting bones (or ischial tuberosities). 

Taking pressure off this area can help with reducing pain and give low buttock pain relief sitting.  One simple step is to avoid sitting on hard surfaces and instead using soft cushioning on the chair including a pressure relief cushion – you can read more and purchase these from our self help shop here.  It may be necessary to consider the surfaces you are sitting on in your car, home, work and when you are socialising  (restaurant seating can be more about fancy design that comfort or practicality). 

A pressure relief cushion – specifically to give low buttock pain relief sitting

If a soft cushion is not enough to decrease sitting pain, then you could consider the purchase of a waffle or eggshell cushion, specifically designed as a pressure relief cushion to provide low buttock pain relief sitting by (link) helping to distribute the weight away from your sitting bones. 

How else can you get low buttock pain relief sitting?

A specific hamstring rehabilitation program is essential to manage this condition.  Your Hip Pain Professional  can assess if you have this condition, give you some further information and develop an individualised  pain management and exercise program.  

Read more about soft tissue related pain in the buttock here 

The Pressure Relief cushion
The Pressure Relief cushion
Man grabbing painful buttock with possible sciatica, piriformis syndrome or deep gluteal syndrome
Man grabbing painful buttock with possible sciatica, piriformis syndrome or deep gluteal syndrome

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