Top 3 Tips For Reducing Hip Pain This Festive Holidays

For those struggling with hip pain, the festive season can present some challenges related to prolonged periods standing cooking or chatting, sitting while socialising or travelling in a car,  and sleeping on unfamiliar beds while visiting or travelling. So here are HipPainHelp’s top 3 tips for reducing hip pain this Christmas.

Top Tip Number 1 for Reducing Hip Pain in Standing at Christmas

Many people naturally adopt a “Sway Posture” to stand.  This is an easy, lazy, energy efficient way to stand, but it can put pressure on the low back, pelvis and hips. Adjusting this may help reduce your pain.

Sway posture is a term that relates to a certain type of standing posture where people tend to lock their knees in and throw their hips too far forward.  You can easily try to correct this yourself by bringing your weight back to be roughly two thirds on your heels.

Check out this great cornerstone blog – read more here and watch our easy to follow video on how to reduce posture-related pain and fatigue.  Click here to read more

Top Tip Number 2 for Reducing Hip Pain in Sitting at Christmas

Over the festive season, you have to sit in all sorts of places, and often for prolonged periods.  Be it driving to visit family or friends, or just to take a break, attending plays, social occasions, meals and drinks out……How can you make sitting a more pleasant experience these holidays?

Check out this great, timeless blog we wrote to help people get through the sitting marathon at Christmas.

Different things work for different people, depending on the problem. There is a wide range of supportive cushioning that can help and this blog also gives you some ideas of what products may be beneficial for you. To read more click here.

Top Tip Number 3 For Reducing Hip Pain When Sleeping This Christmas

The holiday period can be stressful and exhausting for many of us.  Yet sleeping may be where your hip and pelvic pain can bother you most.  Disturbed sleep can increase your stress and anxiety levels, increase your pain and reduce your ability to feel you are coping.

This blog is full of useful, easy to follow information on ways you can better support yourself when you sleep. Try a few of the strategies outlined in this blog and hopefully you will have a few more energy reserves to enjoy your holiday events a this December.  Click here to read more.

Lastly, what do you do if all this fails?  Phone a friend – you can search for a Hip Pain Professional  from our directory……and don’t worry if you can’t find anyone near to you – just zoom out on the map and you can locate clinics that offer video consultations. Find a Hip Pain Professional by clicking here.

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This blog was written by Dr. Alison Grimaldi, with contribution from one of our Hip Pain Professionals, Kirsty McNab, experienced physiotherapist.

Dr. Alison Grimaldi is a globally recognised expert physiotherapist, researcher, and educator, who has over 30 years professional clinical experience helping patients recover from a wide range of hip and pelvic conditions.

Dr Alison Grimaldi - Hip Pain Professional

Dr. Alison Grimaldi  BPhty, MPhty(Sports), PhD, FACP 

Dr Grimaldi has completed Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Master of Physiotherapy and  Doctor of Philosophy (Physiotherapy) degrees. She is a fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists, Practice Principal of PhysioTec Physiotherapy, an Australian Sports Physiotherapist , an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland, as well as an author and global educator. Her passion is helping people with hip pain, and educating other health professionals around how to help more people with hip pain.

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