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Gluteal Tendinopathy, Trochanteric Bursitis, Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS) What is gluteal tendinopathy, trochanteric bursitis & GTPS? Pain over the side of the hip is commonly related to changes in the health of the tendons that join the gluteal (buttock) muscles to the hip, and sometimes of the nearby bursae (fluid filled sacks that help […]

Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)/Impingement Syndrome (FAIS) What is FAI or FAIS? Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) refers to early contact (impingement) between the bones of the hip during movement.  FAI is due to a variation in shape of the bones of the hip joint (thigh bone (femur) and/or hip socket (acetabulum)). This may result in reduced range of […]

Find My Hip Pain Choose from the selections below to learn more about your pain. Want more info about the Hip? For those who are after some detailed information about the hip and things that can go wrong. HIP PAIN EXPLAINED Looking for expert help nearby? Find a qualified and experienced hip pain professional in […]

Dr. Alison Grimaldi Dr. Alison Grimaldi, who is a foundational member of this site, Hip Pain Help, is also a highly experienced physiotherapist, researcher and educator. Alison has a well-established professional site, , where she provides health professionals with a number of opportunities for advancing their knowledge and practical skills in the assessment and management of hip, pelvic and groin pain. Online Learning Online […]

Terms and Conditions Company: Pain Professionals ABN: 56 589 967 503 Websites: (together “the Website”) General provisions A reference to “You” or “Your” in these Terms and Conditions means a reference to the Applicant named in the Application accompanying these Terms and Conditions. Any waiver or relaxation, in whole or part, of any rights […]

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Plans Hip Pain Professionals Subscription Plans To maintain accountability and high standards of the Hip Pain Professionals in our directory, all listings must include at least one individual practioner’s profile (this is included in the membership fee). Multiple individuals can be listed under a practice listing – there is an additional charge for each additional […]

Hip Pain Treatment There are many different options for hip pain treatment. Here are a list of many of the more common ways to manage your painful hip issue. We believe finding the right individual to assist you in your recovery is the best path to appropriate hip pain treatment. Advice & Education Often the […]

Hip Pain Explained. Learn about the anatomy of the hip/pelvis area and the common painful issues of joint, ligament, bone, muscle, tendon, nerve & other.

Help Starts Here 4 Steps to Hip Pain Relief Take the four steps to Hip Pain Relief 01 LISTEN Listen To Your Body Most aches and pains settle quickly by themselves or with some modified activity over a couple of days, but it’s not a good idea to ignore severe pain or niggling pains that […]