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Pressure Relief Cushion – Pain Relief In Sitting Do you find yourself sitting with only one buttock in contact with the chair? Do you have to sit leaning to the side or with your buttock half off the chair due to the discomfort of the pressure against the chair? Do you find yourself standing rather […]

Learn what W sitting is and why it mat be harmful to children and adults in the long term. Understand the possible harm to the body caused.

Hip Physical Therapist Adelaide Need a Hip Physiotherapist in Adelaide who understands hip and pelvic pain and can help you? Hip Pain Help is Here! Our aim is to help you find the right hip Physio in Adelaide who will help guide you in your recovery, providing you rehabilitation based around the most up-to-date, evidence […]

Coccyx Cushion – Tailbone Relief Sitting For those that suffer with coccydynia, pain related to the tip of the tailbone, direct pressure of the coccyx on the seat can become painful. Sitting in a position where the pelvis is rolled back, places more load on the sitting bones and coccyx. Coccyx cushions with an area cut-out […]

Adductor Related Groin Pain (Adductor Tendinopathy, Adductor Tear) Figure 1: Illustration of the muscles and their attachments at the front of the pelvis, abdomen and groin region. What is Adductor Related Groin Pain? Adductor related groin pain is pain in the groin region (upper-inner thigh) related to the adductor muscles and their connections. Tears or […]


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